The Brands I Slept With

The Brands I Slept With

What's New From Mike Foley Art


Pop Portraits

 Thank You for supporting “Pop Portraits” a life-affirming Artworks Gallery event!


Pop Art Portraits

New work from Mike Foley opens October 6.

New work features Rock Stars, Presidents and Pets with Betty Davis Eyes and Mick Jagger Lips


CEO Cheer Leaders

Opening August 7 through August 28, CEO CHEER LEADERS is a show that gave me a chance to look into the faces of friends and strangers and try to capture a personality after the color and details are stripped away. Obsessed with more painterly portraits and shows dedicated to blues artists, iconic snack cake girls and a series of oils that merges Santa with Christ, these images are reduced to black and white dots. With words could they inspire more greeting cards? Intermingled with cheer, could a collection of faces be interesting enough to fill a wall? Like a family photo album mixed with a high school pep rally, are corporations ready for this type of portrait art installation? I'm not sure. But it was fun to create.


Facing the Boogie Man

A Short Film Debut
& Cancer Survivor Art Show

Sunday, July 31 from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Yoga Gallery
633 N. Trade Street

Please RSVP here 
Or contact Cancer Services at (336) 760-9983

You are invited to the debut of the inspiring
Cancer Services short film Facing the Boogie Man directed by Mike Foley.

The film’s debut will headline an intimate display of original artwork created by and inspired by survivors.
Please join us to celebrate the powerful connection between art and healing.

There is no cover charge for this event. Contributions are welcome, but not requested. Space is limited, but you are encouraged to invite guests by forwarding this invitation or indicating guest names in your RSVP. A cocktail hour with time to view the displayed artwork will last until 5:15 p.m. The film will be screened at about 5:20 p.m.
Event organizers
Cancer Services
Lynn Felder (Yoga Gallery)
Mike Foley (director)
Keith Vest (producer)
Carl Crothers (Bluewindcommunications)

Cancer Services is a community organization that helps local cancer survivors at any stage of diagnosis and their families. All services from financial assistance to medical supplies, special programs, advocacy, education and more are offered at no charge to people in our community.

Smitty' Best of Winston-Salem Awards 2011
Best 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit, Honorable Mention
Best Facebook Page or Group, Honorable Mention

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